Black Swan by Luis Castañeda

Black Swan by Luis Castaneda

What does it take to be a Black Swan? What does it take to look around and be just different enough that you stand out? To not care that you are easily spotted in a sea of thousands? Or just different. You may be deemed more important/ugly/pretty/special/dangerous/smart than the rest. The adjectives could go on and on but does it matter? We have all experienced that one point or another, haven’t we? The preferential or ill treatment that is not based on merit, a wink and an extra something special or a conniving glance that dismisses. Does that treatment effect you enough to force you into submission, slow or fast? Who decided that all the crayons in the box were not as valuable? Or that they should all be packaged the same way? BORING I say! Some use GOD and the Bible as an excuse. What kind of GOD would declare that one life is worth more than another and if that is actually true then call me an Atheist because that is not the kind of GOD I’d want to associate with. Is it that easy to justify preferential treatment when you are on the receiving end? I don’t think so. Something pokes you internally. Something tells you inherently that it’s wrong but the more that that something is ignored; the easier it is to justify the act.  Luis Castañeda’s photograph entitled “Black Swan” stimulated these thoughts. Good art is thought provoking. Great art inspires change. It has done both for me. What about you? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Inga O xox

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