Diversity Social Club Conseption



I have a lofty goal. I want to create a social group independent of Meet Up.

Sure the whole process would be way easier if I went with the Meet Up template and relied on their familiar name tag logo and slew of online groups to draw from. But I want to do it my way…well I want to do it our way but as I am the only member as I type I have to say my way for now. I have an idea that if I work to gather like-minded individuals who truly want to join a social group and not just be a transient Meet Up hopper, I have to put in the work the old fashioned way. Word of mouth; referrals and good events to keep us all engaged. I have been a Meet Up hopper. I know what it’s like to not really have to commit; not really feel a connection. It was fun but it wasn’t the long lasting bond I sought.  I say, “If you can’t find what you are looking for, create it.” They say, “If you build it they will come.” Both quotes with land the social club at the same place I hope.


So far the vision is that of a diverse group of people, all ethnicities and races welcomed; all sharing their uniqueness and flavorful view of the world. I grew up in Canada so true multiculturalism is a familiar (albeit sometimes elusive) goal. I’m picturing a social club with and international feel: a gathering that celebrates cultures through food, travel and time spent. A place where the members can learn about food preparation and using locally sourced, sustainable food stuff to achieve palatable bliss. Were we can try together and encourage each other and squeeze joy out of daily life. A place where those with a knowledge of “this” can teach it to us and those with a panache for “that” can showcase it too. Let’s network and buy local and frequent the Mom & Pop’s restaurants that are the cornerstone of the entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s hike, bike, or grab a mike! LOL

I am daring to dream and I am taking a risk in sharing it here with you all. I anticipate fear, frustration and lots of joy. I look to my online friends to help me. Guide me if you have pulled this off, or know someone who has. Point me in a direction. Give me your encouragement as I try in my own way to get people of varying races, ages and sexes coming together on a regular basis to learn, share and play.


Inga O,

I thought you should know.


CREDIT: In researching for the art for this post I found the American Diversity image associated with a District 158 Project by Mr. Nixon.

I also found the round table to be the cutest image that speaks to what I’d love to see the social club. I found it attached to a site about entrepreneurs and start ups by Steve Blank, how fitting.

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