Using Memes: A Fun Way to Connect with Others

Sundays are a great day to peruse blogs and websites without feeling like I should be limiting myself. With a warm cup of tea and a snack I Bing whatever comes to mind and roam the internet from there.  Like walking down an undiscovered path, I stumble upon literary gems and interesting tidbits that educate, intrigue and inspire me. Today’s round up:

I found out about The Mahogany Way’s road trip to Carriage Hill Farms that got me thinking about traveling in general.


Traveling in general got me thinking about my upcoming vacation to Vancouver BC and how I wish it was in April when Army & Navy has their Annual Sale where Jordana shared her $4.99 clearance bin score.



I love to read through the Post Secrets and select my favorites. They are sometimes funny, shocking or sad but there are always ones that incite a stronger reaction from me than others. I like to think of them as a weekly art exhibit. I love art.


In the education theme I learned about Memes. I’ve heard the term thrown around but didn’t really get a good grasp on it until The Daily Memes broke it down for me and got me playing along. The memes are listed by day of the week and I participated in That’s My Answer and Sunday Stealing. I particularly enjoyed reading Thank You, Great Spirit’s Meme. I learned about the power of memes and that is a fun way to connect with others online.

Inga O


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