Atlanta’s Independent Music

Sometimes the best times are spontaneously derived. On Monday night after doing some work on branding for a client I got a call and was invited out to an independent music event. The exclusive gathering was hosted by a community coffee shop and I learned that it is an ultra-clandestine operation, often with attendees meeting in private homes or, as was the case this night, in businesses closed to the mainstream public for the night. The performance showcased Independent local bands with a variety of musical styles but all with the common goal of exposing those in attendance to Atlanta’s local talent. I was amongst other bloggers and photographers as well as friends of friends, ethnically diverse but all sharing a love of homegrown talent and supporting music that challenges the status quo. I cheered, swayed and rose to my feet enthralled in the beat and pitch and tempo presented before me. I could not help but feel a sense of pride in my city. Atlanta has so much to offer off the beaten path. The music came from the heart and you could hear it. A basket was passed reminiscence of a church collection plate. People dug deep and a boisterous brunette encouraged us all to “dig deeper” as the basket went around a second time and we did. How can you put a price on organic art that stimulates thought, moves your body and leaves you wanting more? All I can say is please support the musical risk takers. Those who want to extend the gift of their stories deserve a platform and an audience. Their messages connect us all. Their talent and passion is audible. You will not find them on mainstream radio. You will not be the same after the experience for we are all connected and every word uttered will speak to your soul if you let it. All that is needed is a keen desire and faith that we are more similar that different and you can be led spontaneously to find a good time.

Off the Beaten Path I found Lily and the Tigers and I am still humming “Beaumont” an earthy freedom folk song that you can listen to below. Please share your thoughts on the music with me. I’d love to read your reaction.

Inga O,

I thought you should know.


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