Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend Free Tickets


I made a pact with myself and then with my friend Judy O at the end of August that September would be different. September 2014 would mark a new beginning. 2014 is more than half over and it’s time to actually plan to end it with a bang I thought. We decided to have an early lunch and life decided that we “Make a Day of It,”  you can read all about that here.  By the end of that day we knew that we were in it together.

Between that optimistic and eventful start to September and our promises of holding each other accountable, life continued to propel us forward. She called and texted and would have sent smoke signals to let me know that she got us complementary tickets to Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend. Not only did we meet over an episode of Oprah’s Giveaway Show we just talked about embracing September as a month of new beginnings. The Weekend event was all about new beginnings. It fit in perfectly and I was thrilled that she thought of me while life was clearly providing more information for us to use to move us forward.

As I sit here I realize that I’ve been grumpy, tearful and anxious all week and because of it I have been focused on all the wrong things: what I do not have or have not accomplished. I guess we all can take a time out for a whiny break but I know I  just can’t get suck. I am ready to continue on the adventure that life has me on. Time to dust myself off and get back on the wagon. I don’t know where it will lead but I am making a promise to myself to put in the time to find out.


Inga O,

I thought you should know.




Between Front Page News and Tijuana Garage

fpn patio


It felt like a Sunday, as holiday Monday’s often do; fooling us into the familiar routine of preparing for another work week. As I sat across from the first friend I made after moving from the North. I couldn’t help but smile as the rain held back and we sat outside in the sunny warmth of the court yard between restaurants, Front Page News and Tijuana Garage. We chatted casually but with depth. Remembering why we were more than friends we were family- framily.  


We ordered lunch and eagerly split everything. Got two extra plates and made our own tapas; sandwiches cut exactly in half and one side order of fries and another of salad shared equally. We talked about relationships and lessons learned. Talked about who we wanted to be and what we wanted to experience. Life we both realized was about balance and making time for those things you enjoy doing like reading a great book or always wanted to do, like learn to play the guitar.


As we left the restaurant and prepared to walk around and experience the hidden gems of Atlanta we both understood the importance of spending time in the company of someone who gets you. Spending time with people who honor your you-ness while you honor theirs. Those friends, family or family members who allow you to be yourself yet encourage you to be your best possible version. As we walked and talked and laughed we recognized that we are that to each other and the smiles, nods and warm conversation of the people we met that day indicated that they recognized it too.

Inga O,

I thought you should know.