We Revert Back To What We Know

When all else fails we revert to what we know.

My earliest memories are of the inside of the Royal Bank of Canada. I must have been 3 or 4 years old and although it was a very boring place for a preschooler, I do remember the smooth, round lights embedded in the counter at my eye level. They were flat on the outside and the whole thing reminded me of the Flintstones. I watched the Flintstones everyday while eating lunch.

I was at the bank with my Great-Grand-Mother. This is what we did regularly enough for me to still have the memory etched in my mind. Our ritual (that I would later deduce was a monthly one) always ended the same way. She would heft me up to sit on the counter and I would chicken scratch what was supposed to be my name. I’m sure the tellers got a kick out of it and after she would show me the passbook, with it’s numbers created out of little tiny dots and say, “Inga, this is your money.”

Ma, as she was affectionately called, made it clear to me then with each monthly deposit that although the Government called me her foster child I was simply hers and she would not use a penny of that money to raise me.

The money is long gone but the lessons and feeling of excitement when we verbally celebrated as the numbers went up are still with me now. You revert back to what you know.  When things don’t go the way you’d like and the new shiny toy doesn’t satisfy remember that we go back to what is familiar, our soul’s version of comfort food. I am fortunate to have been given the feeling of wealth and the excitement that those tiny numbers conveyed even before I could spell my name.

As I participate in the 36 to Life Challenge I am awakening those preschool feelings. The challenge will focus me on debt elimination and owning 3 real estate properties in the next 3 years and will help me no longer get distracted by the next shiny thing. I am fortunate to have this as my story but even if yours is the polar opposite, I implore you to adopt mine, write a new story or read a book to help you focus on your desired goals.

Revert back to what you want to know.


Inga O

rbc-bank Art

36 to Life

After a too long hiatus I’m back. I can’t say that I missed writing because my focus was on the daily changes big and small that have kept me away but I always knew I was born to write and so I knew that I was denying a part of me. Well I have taken on the renewed stance of embracing all parts of me. The good, the bad and the ugly as I strive to create the life that I choose to have.

It seems so easy to pin a quote to a wall and use it as a mantra. They say you should start with “I” to internalize it. “I will be the best me possible!” The things I want to document and share here are the challenges, how I over came them and what I did when it was hard to keep focus on the goal. Ah the goal. I have chosen a lofty one to accomplish in the next 36 months. A friend and I are calling it “36 to Life” This is the opposite of going to jail, this is an opportunity to get free for the rest of our lives. For me that means I will obtain the goal of being consumer debt free and own multiple properties with in 3 years. 36 month.

I hope you think about joining in on this challenge. Choose your own lofty goal. Plan for the next 36 months. Comment to share your goal and lets make it happen together!


Inga O; I thought you should know.