Dance Like No One’s Watching

When I am old and gray I really don’t think I’ll care about the amount of stuff (designer; expensive or labeled with other peoples names) I have accumulated or the corporate ladder I had to climb but instead that I enjoyed those who came into my life. That I laughed often and danced without a care as to who was watching, even when my feet hurt. So I aim to do that now. I don’t want to have regrets so I try to be a little better today than yesterday. I try to bring a little sunshine into the lives of those I interact with while I’m around. I never know how long I’ll be around, nor do I know how long they will either.

Last Saturday night I went to the WRFG 89.3 FM Pledge Drive Wrap Party. I brought an abundance of fruit, I convinced people to buy raffle tickets for the station and I engaged with as many people as I could. I got drinks for people sitting in the audience and overall did what I could to make people feel welcomed. That to me is what having a good time is, connecting with new people and ensuring that we all have a good time together.

I guess one good turn deserves another because I was offered the chance to go to Angie Stones’ Album Release Party for her new album Dream. The chance to see her in concert was not planned but right on time. It happened, I’d say, because I chose to show up and as a result, was rewarded by the universe because I don’t believe in coincidences. I even found a dime on our way into the venue!

Wanique Pledge Drive Wrap PartyWRFG 89.3 FM’s Director of Operations, Wanique Shabazz

BCBG ShoesBanana Republic cuffed pants; BCBGirls* Shoes

“Dance like no one is watching…even if your feet hurt”

Inga O,

I thought you should know.

*Updated shoe brand error.

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