Guest Hosting on Caribbean Runnings

“Sometimes the best plans are the ones that reveal themselves right before your eyes!” ~Inga O

On Fridays The Press Kittens are on air from noon to 1pm EST. Katia Kool, savvy Life TIP and I, Inga O host a weekly radio talk show on WRFG 89.3FM in Atlanta called The Press KIT with Inga O & Co. (streamed live at loosely formatted with the television show The View in mind. We open with our version of Hot Topics called “Perspectives” and have a few musical interludes and usually an in studio guest who is interviewed for about 45 minutes. I’ve posted a few shows here before.

In the past we used to go for lunch and casually enjoy the “Post Show Glow” as I like to call it. Now we all seemed to have responsibilities that are pulling us in a variety of different directions. This past week I decided to press pause on my post show plans and stay at the studio. I am very fond of Caribbean Runnings, one of the shows that closely follow us.I get to hear great Caribbean music and learn all the going ons within the local and International Caribbean communities.  From time to time I’ll lend my voice to their 2 hour show.

This past week  Red Carpet Shelley and I had a blast listening to great tunes spun by DJ Superpec between interviews about this month being Caribbean Heritage Month and speaking with the highly intelligent songtress Anita Antoinette, the 2016 Caribbean Heritage Month Musical Ambassador.

I’m thankful for all the opportunities being a part of the WRFG Family affords me. I’ve met great people, all who love what they do enough to do it for free. I laugh often and I’ve come to realize that you don’t have to know exactly where you are going to know that you are in the right place.


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1988’s Bustle

Naomi Campbell in a bustle from love Meagan‘s Pinterest, who got it from lou, boos & shoes, who got it from Modern Hepburn’s Tumblr that came from  American Vogue March 1988 by Elle von Unwerth

Did you know she is of Jamaican descent and the First Black Model to be on a Vogue Cover?

Style Icon

Her name is Shala Monroque.

She is a fellow Caribbean Princess hailing from St-Lucia.

She works for “Pop” Magazine as editor-at-larger.

She has a blog called Shala’s Rabbit Hole.

She is a style icon.

Thank you Tamu McPherson of all the pretty birds for introducing me to this amazingly fashionable woman!

Inga O

Tamu’s Pretty Birds

Tamu McPherson of all the pretty birds has a real eye for fashion. She should, she’s a top fashion photographer based in Milan who is also from Caribbean decent. Go-o-o  Jamaica!

I have been savouring her post and realizing that her blog has been open in my browser for 2 weeks (not very earth friendly by my guy refuses to turn off the computer). Here is my most recent inspiration so far:

Her name is Giovanna and the embellished sweater and pale skirt made my heart skip. You can tell that she put thought into this outfit and as a result I love all aspects of it.

I love the nude shoes with the basket details that complement the basket-like purse. Also, have you noticed the glasses? They are crystal embellished.

I was so inspired I had to share.

Inga O

Carnival Monday & Monday Wear

One of the biggest things to happen in Trinidad & Tobago every year is Carnival or Ca’nival as the locals and those in the know call it. I have roots in Trinidad and have not been “home” for Ca’nival since G-A-S-P 1990! As a result I got the bug hard this year but reality set in when I remembered that it really is something you have to plan for a year in advance if you want to play mas (be in the parade as a masquerader). Not to mention that if you attempt to finance it late in the year you will pay a small fortune. I’m not kidding. Some people in Trinidad take out Carnival Loans.

That being said I had a few friends and family going to, and participating in this years Carnival festivities. The Island literally shuts down for the 2 days. It’s a two day fete as they say. Carnival Monday was March 8th, 2011 this year and people go out in all sorts of homemade or home enhanced outfits and sometimes parts of Tuesday costumes. There is glitter and sparkles and sometimes body paint. There is usually fake eye lashes and lots of spandex and sometimes feathers. Oh and this year I saw lots and lots of boots. I found that to be odd because I could not fathom wearing hot boots in the hot sun because I HATE hot feet. But that’s just me.

Here are some pictures of Ca’nival Monday & the variety that is Monday Wear:

That my friends is a small sampling of Carnival Monday and Monday Wear. I hope you enjoyed the peek inside a cultural phenomenon. Trinidad & Tobago’s carnival is referred to as second only to Rio’s. I can not comment on Rio because I have never been but I will say that Trinidad & Tobago sets aside business, differences and everything in between once a year to put on what I call the largest and longest fete on earth.

Inga O

All photos are the property of Triniscene


On Sunday’s I try very hard to get up and go to my local Lululemon Athletica showroom for free yoga classes that start at 10:30am.  Every month they have a different featured yoga studio and  I love the variety and original twist each teacher brings.

Well, this Sunday I experienced yoga outdoors (I was late and they locked the doors) along side 3 other very cool chicas who all happen to have natural hair and dark skin like me! Does that matter, not really but I started to feel a discriminatory pang welling up in contrast to those inside but shrugged it off as paranoia  and started to focus on the positives.

Although practising yoga when you can not hear the instructor can be frustrating I chose to embrace the good and feel privileged to be able to do Downward Facing Dog and look at the tree tops!

How cool is that?

Some would say that the sounds of the traffic was deafening but I thought was  great city background music. You see, I chose to embrace what came my way that day and  roll with it, being positive no matter what!

Here is a picture of the Lululemon Athletica Morningside Showroom window that I peeked through to try to stay with the group practicing inside! It was a challenge as you can imagine! check out there website here for a class near you or for really top-notch workout wear.

Inga O ♥

(BTW I have that orange top on the far right and LOVE it!)

Warming Vanilla Sugar by Bath & Body Works


I love perfumes, colognes and all ‘smell goods’ in general. Did you know that there is an olfactory connection between memory and our emotions? And that pleasant smells create pleasant memories? Certain smells can trigger memories so I like to wear my favourite scents when doing  things I enjoy or when gathering with people I care about for a good time.

Lately I’ve been wearing the Warming Vanilla Sugar scent by Bath & Body Works PLEASURES. The one I wear is in the older packaging that I received as a part of a gift basket set some time ago. I was not sure about smelling like food but I must say that since wearing this scent I’ve received a ton of complements. I even get a wiff of myself from time to time and agree that it does smell very good.

I noticed that the packaging has changed and I’m not sure if the new packaging means a new formulation of the scent but when they go on sale (as they always do at Bath & Body Works) I will pick it up to see for myself.

Vanilla has now become my signature scent.

Do you have a signature scent?

Inga O ♥

Opps! Note: I forgot to add the picture for you.