California Pizza Kitchen Re-Opening Oneness

As this year begins to come to a close, (at least in the North American system of accounting for time) I am noticing that I am challenging myself to operate outside my comfort zone to seek opportunities and experiences I either put off out of fear or never thought to have until now.

I am a very social person so the thought of going out to eat or to the movies has always involved the inclusion of friends. I guess that is the case for a lot of people because those are the two areas that I often hear “experts” say go at it alone to “get comfortable with your own company.”

Last week I was invited to the Make A Wish Foundations Event for the reopening of California Pizza Kitchen in Lenox Square Mall. I extended the Plus One to 3 different people: The-closest-thing-to-a-bestfriend; The-regular-hang-out-buddy and The-one-I-want-to-get-reaquainted-with.

All three couldn’t make it or had other plans that night. So, I went it alone.

It’s strange to feel the slight discomfort of being one for dinner. I think the hostess felt it too because she offered to seat me at the bar. I declined and chose a booth that was bigger than my Oneness needed but was more comfortable and less transient feeling. I didn’t come to drink, after all. I came to eat alone.  I get that the hostess was probably giving me the company of other Ones, so I hold no malice towards her but to truly push outside the comfort zone of enjoying a grand reopening party alone, I needed to have the full eating alone experience where it was obvious and deliberate.

And I did. And at times it felt lonely. But I experiences my Oneness fully and occasional I took notes and pictures of my food like the true Blogger I am. This experience couldn’t have happened at a better time. Both my brother and our cousin share the  November 16th date of birth. He celebrated for both of them as she recently passed away last month. Amid the balloons and complementary meal, I made a wish and celebrated both of them too.

What are you willing to push through and do?

Inga O,

Thought you should know.

CPK 11-16-2015Make A Wish Foundation Pre Launch at California Pizza Kitchen. Atlanta GA

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Between Front Page News and Tijuana Garage

fpn patio


It felt like a Sunday, as holiday Monday’s often do; fooling us into the familiar routine of preparing for another work week. As I sat across from the first friend I made after moving from the North. I couldn’t help but smile as the rain held back and we sat outside in the sunny warmth of the court yard between restaurants, Front Page News and Tijuana Garage. We chatted casually but with depth. Remembering why we were more than friends we were family- framily.  


We ordered lunch and eagerly split everything. Got two extra plates and made our own tapas; sandwiches cut exactly in half and one side order of fries and another of salad shared equally. We talked about relationships and lessons learned. Talked about who we wanted to be and what we wanted to experience. Life we both realized was about balance and making time for those things you enjoy doing like reading a great book or always wanted to do, like learn to play the guitar.


As we left the restaurant and prepared to walk around and experience the hidden gems of Atlanta we both understood the importance of spending time in the company of someone who gets you. Spending time with people who honor your you-ness while you honor theirs. Those friends, family or family members who allow you to be yourself yet encourage you to be your best possible version. As we walked and talked and laughed we recognized that we are that to each other and the smiles, nods and warm conversation of the people we met that day indicated that they recognized it too.

Inga O,

I thought you should know.

Sorry That I Was MIA + Black ToTheMax! Shoes For Buckhead Restaurant Week At Nava

Sorry for being MIA for the past week but it was my birthday on the 13th and everything has gone out the window since then. I partied until my feet were swollen and “I regret nothing!” As they said one of my favourite episodes of The Simpsons from 1992. I will post pictures soon but here is a teaser from the Loca Luna Facebook Page located in their Carnival 2011 Photo Album.  The picture was not actually of me but I’m in it on the left and laughing my birthday butt off!

What: (#5) tothemax! Thick heel & sole shoes

When: Saturday, March 05th, 2011

Where: Nava

With: Blue ankle socks I got at Dollar Tree (NOTE: did you know they were on twitter??@dollartree Me either!), Dear ab jeans that I got at Steve & Barrys before they went out of business- I loved the store and love the jeans- sad, Baby Blue Banana Republic 3/4 sleeve turtle neck and Nine West Tweed(?) Jacket- that also had a matching skirt-that I got from Finders Keepers Consignment. Oh and my black leather Wilson’s Leather purse.

I should have taken the photo before I ate so you could see the subtle orange lip colour but my guy was not having it. Honestly, he barely wanted to take these photos yet he calls himself a/n (amateur) photographer. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers!


The red eye sucks but i had to include this photo because of the door! Isn’t it beautiful?


The ToTheMAx! Shoes are big and clunky and heavy and some have even called them ugly ha ha ha which makes me love them that much more. I swear I try to find the most controversial foot wear to add to my collection. I just love the shoes that others frown upon that much more.


I love how round these shoes are. They are not the shoes I can wear all night long or for long walks but they are steady and I always feel surefooted in them.


Check out the chunky heel. I love it!


The Shoeperwoman Shoes Challenge has helped me to put the fun back in getting dressed, from head to toe! Thanks Shoeperwoman!

Inga O

Live Hip Hop at The Grounds Coffee House in The West -End


The Grounds Coffee House in the West End will be hosting a Live Hip Hop called “Food For The Spirit”

This event takes place on Sunday March 8th from 3pm-5pm. “Food For The spirit” is being called an opportunity for the Hip Hop community to fellowship while sharing music and messages of motivation in a holistic and spiritual environment.

The event will be led by ‘Minister Server’ HIP HOP Ministries, Inc who was ordained through The Barbara King School of Ministry and who has worked closely with KRS One on his “Keep Right” CD.

HIP HOP Ministries, Inc

HIP HOP Ministries, Inc

The Grounds Coffee House, located at 965 Ralph David Abernathy in the historic West End seems to be well loved by neighbourhood residents, college students, older patrons and well, everyone. In my reach I could not find anything but good reviews. I have been to the Grounds once with an up-and-coming entrepreneur for a meeting and must say that the staff, (who I believe are also the owners), were very hospitable! I do know it is Black owned and that they cater to vegan diets as well. If you are not a coffee drinker they have a wide selection of teas and a fruit smoothie that ROCKS!

Grounds Coffee House

Grounds Coffee House


2009 KFC Commercial

I was in the chat room last night on which is, to me, the most fun and most hype chat room EVER! So I alwaystry to attend on Wednesday nights. You should too my log in name is “” of course!

Anyway, I was in the room and the DJ, the Stanman, shared how a new 2009 KFC Carnival commercial  featuring Iwer George and Ziggy Rankin has a corn ‘wuking up’ at the 0:29 second mark. (look on the bottom right of the screen)

I just have to wonder, will they try to ban that too?

Check out the commercial. I think it’s cute!

About the Commercial:

Prestige Holdings Limited
KFC 2009 Carnival TVC Featuring Iwer George and Ziggy Rankin
Agency: Collier Morrison Belgrave
Account Executive: Antron Forte
Written by Tracy Hutchings
Produced and Directed by Indra Ramcharan
Shot and Edited by Cinepost/Cinevideo
Animation by Allan
Drawings by Maro Morrison and Darren Cheewah

Dinner & Presentation at Potz and Panz Restaurant

I received this information from a few sources and think that it will be well worth it! Enjoy all you can eat AND learn about one of my favorite topics, the 3 R’s, REDUCE, REUSE RECYCLE! 


WHAT: What Does it Mean to Go Green? 

an interactive presentation to demystify green living and global warming and help you make green choices that honor your personal values.  


WHEN: Monday, Feb 23rd at 6:30pm

Dinner at Potz and Panz Gourmet Café in North Dekalb Mall for $7 – all you can eat. The presentation runs from 7pm-8:15pm as part of their Monday evening series, Night of Illumination. 

WHAT THE GUEST SPEAKER SAYS: The food is delicious; the chef is known for making deliciously seasoned vegetables with no meat.  And there’s only a hair’s difference between their peach cobbler and This Is It (This is It wins by a hair). I’ve requested that they serve peach cobbler the night of my presentation!

There is no fee for the presentation; we only ask that you partake of the buffet. 

Thanks in advance for your interest and your support.

Antoinette Nue

The Green Living Goddess

“Go green your way.  I insist.”



Valentine Special at Potz and Panz Restaurant

If you are still not sure where to go to celebrate Valentines with that someone special, consider Potz & Panz Gourmet Café, an all you can eat soul food establishment with healthy food for heart and soul. They have a Special Valentines Treat you won’t want to miss.




Located in North DeKalb Mall; 2050 Lawrenceville Highway, in Atlanta GA.  For more please contact them at 678-999-9505 and let them know where you heard about them.  Check out the interview at the end of the post with the Executive Chef and Owner (the sound quality is low so turn up your speakers).


Wherever, you end up, have a safe Valentine’s night!