Travel Lightly My Friend

As a regular traveler and someone who loves to fly, I started to think about where that love came from. I am thankful that my earliest mode of transportation was the airplane. Before I could speak full sentences I was traveling back and forth to the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago with my great-grand-parents. The comfort I get from a plane is in stark contrast to the stories I hear from people who are afraid to fly.

Unfortunately I was weened on airline travel in an era when a checked bag was standard with all flights, not just international and you could lock those things to avoid sticky fingered baggage handlers. Now, thanks to extra fees and the inability to lock checked bags, (even if you wanted to pay for them on a domestic or are going internationally and get a free checked one but want to avoid theft somewhere along that long bag handling chain) I’m forced to retrain my brain and make it ALL fit in a carry-on. This is a huge dilemma for someone like me who wants to pack a different shoe for every outfit.

In my quest for retraining I was proactive. I joined a large travel group. I’m making travel plans with far-flung family members. I’m evaluating the fact that the ticketing agent on the recent return trip from Montreal asked if my bag was “pregnant.” Thankfully he didn’t make me do the fit test nor did he charge me or worse, force me to rearrange it in the middle of the airport with my personal items exposes to all nearby travelers.

I am committed to retrain my brain and I’m starting with realizing that:

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Using Memes: A Fun Way to Connect with Others

Sundays are a great day to peruse blogs and websites without feeling like I should be limiting myself. With a warm cup of tea and a snack I Bing whatever comes to mind and roam the internet from there.  Like walking down an undiscovered path, I stumble upon literary gems and interesting tidbits that educate, intrigue and inspire me. Today’s round up:

I found out about The Mahogany Way’s road trip to Carriage Hill Farms that got me thinking about traveling in general.


Traveling in general got me thinking about my upcoming vacation to Vancouver BC and how I wish it was in April when Army & Navy has their Annual Sale where Jordana shared her $4.99 clearance bin score.



I love to read through the Post Secrets and select my favorites. They are sometimes funny, shocking or sad but there are always ones that incite a stronger reaction from me than others. I like to think of them as a weekly art exhibit. I love art.


In the education theme I learned about Memes. I’ve heard the term thrown around but didn’t really get a good grasp on it until The Daily Memes broke it down for me and got me playing along. The memes are listed by day of the week and I participated in That’s My Answer and Sunday Stealing. I particularly enjoyed reading Thank You, Great Spirit’s Meme. I learned about the power of memes and that is a fun way to connect with others online.

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2008 Miami Carnival: Play Mas in Blood Diamond!









I’m so proud of my little cousin who is realizing her goals and bring out a section called Blood Diamond in a band called China for Miami Carnival this year. China’s theme is called Africa Africa and you can see more on their site.


Blood Diamond Back Piece

Blood Diamond Back Piece







If you want to experience Playin’ Mas for the first time or are just looking for a HAWT costume this year you have got to sign up now to play in the Blood Diamond section!


Just look at the beautiful costumes above! OK if you’re modest then you can order a one piece or boy shorts, trust me she aims to please. Don’t ‘skylark’ (delay) it only cost $60 to hold you spot and keep in mind that the Mas fee included food and drink on the road. They hooking yuh up real nice!


Contact my cousin Adalia at

Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond

Caribbean Travel Deals & Steals!

I subscribe to Clark Howard’s “Travel eScapes” an online travel newsletter delivered to your inbox weekly and full of great deals leaving Atlanta to destinations world-wide including your favorite Island.  Check out this weeks deals (or to subscribe go to :

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  • $286 Grand Cayman Island
  • $328 Curaco
  • $389 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • $410 Bermuda
  • $411 Monterrey, Mexico
  • $446 Barbados
  • $471 Antigua Add $15 per direction for Friday-Sunday travel days. Stay 2-30 days. Start travel on or after September 2 and complete travel by December 10. Blackouts: November 22-30. Purchase by September 12. Valid on American with most carriers matching.
  • I’M BACK!!!!!

    First of all I must apologize for the month long absence. Please forgive me but I had a much deserved break in Miami with my female cousins.  This was definately a “female bonding” trip but we have family who lives there as well who showed us how the Trini’s roll. We stayed at the Avalon Hotel in the Art-Deco Section on Ocean Drive right across the street from the beach. The hotel is not 5 star but what it lacks in amenities it more than makes up for in charm. The staff is sweet and helpful and they really try to get to know your name.  The complementary breakfast is good too.

    I would stay there again but just keep in mind that your water pressure will be low and the rooms are small.   

    At Night

    Avalon Hotel At Night

     I will fill you in on my two week long vacation that made me fall in love with Miami’s vibe. Ca’nival is October and it may see back for Mas’!

    (Tutorial: Mas’ stands for masquerade, which is what you “play” but the Ca’nival is Carnival which is what you attend)

    Travel Host Refers to B*tches While Describing Dancehall Music

     According to, Bourdain referred to women as “b***ches” when describing dancehall music in the Jamaican-themed episode of the show. Bourdain makes the following statement in a narration as he and his crew head to a street performance in Kingston:

    “There’s no rootsy, laid back Rasta vibe,” Bourdain narrates. “This ain’t about standing up for your rights or praising Jah or anything like that. Like Reggaetón, its mutant cousin, dancehall is the hardcore beat behind lyrics concerning, for the most part: acquiring possessions, getting respect on the street, beating down perceived enemies and enjoying the physical charms of varied, if not multitudinous, b***ches.”

     As a HUGE reggae fan from long time, and a woman I have to say I have never heard the word “B*tch” used but “Sketel” could easily replace it. I think dancehall does not want its dirty laundry aired in public and to have an outsider do it on TV makes it sting all the more.  Come to your own conclusion. I’ve included a link below so you can read the entire article and I found the video footage for you to see and hear for yourself.