Taking Care of Brain Children

GOD grant me the to change the things I can… ~via Inga_O Twitter account

I love lists. I know I’m not alone because I read somewhere that humans are wired to make lists. My downfall is that I make them on random bits of paper everywhere. As inspiration hits, I grab the closest thing made of paper and a pen and start jotting. Not surprisingly after a few days I am either overwhelmed by how to take care of my brain children or annoyed that I have so much paper clutter around me. So this past week I’ve made a concerted effort to condense all of my thoughts and scribbles into a notebook. Really it’s an out dated Franklyn Covey Planner that I didn’t use effectively. That is where my To-Do’s live and I get the satisfaction of seeing them crossed off. I have pretty notebooks and utilitarian notebooks and notebooks with witty quotes on the cover but those are reserved for more developed thoughts.

I have worked hard at letting go of my need to be perfect but in terms of notebooks, that is the last frontier. I want the choices of thoughts to be preserved in the pages of the books aforementioned. In my mind when I am long gone “someone” will find them and be in awe of just how articulate, fun and forward thinking I was.

At least, that is the story in my head. And isn’t that where they say it all starts?

Inga O,

I thought you should know.

Brain Children

Brain Children