Caribbean Fashion Flavah


Caribbean Fashion Flavah is a term I came up with to describe those Trend Setting individuals whose Caribbean heritage impacts their fashion sense to any degree. The following video of Nicola Vassell a Director at Deitch Project was shot by Nicole Hunt for New York Magazine’s The Video Look Book. Nicola clearly demonstrates a warm personality and fearlessly embraces colour. One thing I notice is that people with Caribbean Heritage love colour! Click the link below to watch the video!


All Right Belong to Their Owners

All Rights Belong to Owner(s)


Today I wanted Ackee and Salt Fish so bad and I have not had it in so long that I couldn’t be bothered to wait until I got a pack of salt fish. I thought to myself, “I have a can of ackee that came all the way from Canada (it’s much cheaper to get them from there believe it or not) and I have spices of course and although I don’t have a pack of salted Cod fish I do have a fillet of Salmon already seasoned and waiting in the fridge to be cooked.”

talk about an “AHA Moment”!  This is what I did:

  • I put oil in a pan and sauted fresh minced garlic to release the flavour but not to fry(I have a jar that I keep in the fridge)  
  • I added the pre-seasoned fish fillet to the hot oil and half cooked it on both sides but still raw in the center
  • I added a chopped jalapeno pepper (I didn’t have scotch bonnet peppers on hand)
  • I used a spatula to break up the fish into chunks
  • I added the can of ackee
  • I added about 2 tbs butter (I prefer the taste and texture of real cream salted butter)
  • I added salt to taste (remember in a Ackee and Salt Fish recipe the fish has so much salt but Salmon doesn’t)
  • Simmer about 15 minutes and stir gently

You won’t believe this but I ate it with a roti skin! (I have them in my freezer and they thaw quite quickly) Don’t be afraid to alter a favorite dish because you just might come up with a New Twist on a Favorite Dish!



Caribbean Inspired Spring Fashion

I’m not really sure if this would be considered ‘Caribbean Inspired’ in the fashion world but to me it is! Banana leaves make me think of the islands and them swaying in the cool ocean breeze. Of course with a fresh, cold green coconut and a straw to drink from. That’s heaven on earth!

Check out this add that Express emailed me and decide for yourself!




Happy Vernal Equinox! Atlanta Caribbean Music Stations! More!

It’s the first day of spring!

Spring comes in between the 19th to the 23rd of March and at different times. It changes on a yearly basis because the first official day of spring is the (Spring) Vernal EQUINOX. This is when the sun is directly above the equator. It rises due East and sets due West and does not do so on the exact same day every year since the calendar is not exactly 365 precise days every single year. In 2009, spring will arrive on March 20th, as stated above and the sun will be above the equator, crossing to the northern hemisphere at 11:47pm (ish)”



Let’s talk about good Caribbean music options to help you while you do your spring cleaning. I have already started cleaning house for the past week because I called it my Personal New Year (My Birthday) and wanted to do the things I’ve been putting off. See new places (Columbia S.C), experience new things (Barleys on Friday nights) and get rid of that which no longer serves me (deep clean my house).



To help keep me motivated in the less than glamorous task of cleaning I will often blast Caribbean music to get me moving!  Some of my favorite sources for Reggae and Soca music are: 

I love this site for all things Soca! They post songs by Country and year and definitely give you a lot of information about Carnivals and artists. I consider this a comprehensive site for whatever Soca you want to hear.


Mantius Cazaubon The Soca Freak from St-Lucia

Mantius Cazaubon The Soca Freak from St-Lucia

 This site offers an online radio station with music played by various DJ’s and it is 24 hours, day in, day out. The cool part is that it’s also a chat room. The hottest night (in my opinion)  to listen is Wednesday night from 8pm to about 1am.DJ Stanman plays a different mix every week and always manages to surprise us AND move the “crowd”! I think he is supposed to cut it at Midnight but ALWAYS goes over. Honestly, this is the most ingenious method of interacting with the “crowd, ”  DJ Stanman always shouts you out and comments on what you post in the chat room keeping the regulars coming back for more week after week.  For more on DJ Stanman’s appearances check out his Myspace page or website:



DJ The Stanman from

DJ The Stanman from


Last but not least I have to tell you about 98.9 Blazin’ on the FM band. They seem to broadcast both in New York City and here in Atlanta and I have to thank my loyal reader J.O for the tip. I listen in the car but must warn you that if your not within the Perimeter (inside 285) and really in the Decatur area you will hear some static. I can only hope that they get a bigger tower to ensure that we can enjoy the great music. I don’t think they have a website but if you know please fill me in.

 Enjoy the spring cleaning now that you have the music to keep you going!


Thanks to for explaining Spring to us!


Post Birthday BLOG: Congrats Royal Soca Family!

Hello  Everyone!

I took a week off because it was my birthday and I wanted to spend time with loved ones, and despite the weather I did have a great time!  I have missed reporting on lots of stuff so back to business.

Let me start with a synopsis of Trinidad & Tobago’s Royal Soca family’s newest addition! A BABY GIRL! 

Fay-Ann Lyons- Alvarez and Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez gave birth on Saturday February 28th at Mount Hope Maternity Hospital in Trinidad. The baby girl came into this world via Cesarean section during her 8th month.

The proud dad told the press that both his wife and daughter are resting comfortably.

Congratulations to the parents!  



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Live Hip Hop at The Grounds Coffee House in The West -End


The Grounds Coffee House in the West End will be hosting a Live Hip Hop called “Food For The Spirit”

This event takes place on Sunday March 8th from 3pm-5pm. “Food For The spirit” is being called an opportunity for the Hip Hop community to fellowship while sharing music and messages of motivation in a holistic and spiritual environment.

The event will be led by ‘Minister Server’ HIP HOP Ministries, Inc who was ordained through The Barbara King School of Ministry and who has worked closely with KRS One on his “Keep Right” CD.

HIP HOP Ministries, Inc

HIP HOP Ministries, Inc

The Grounds Coffee House, located at 965 Ralph David Abernathy in the historic West End seems to be well loved by neighbourhood residents, college students, older patrons and well, everyone. In my reach I could not find anything but good reviews. I have been to the Grounds once with an up-and-coming entrepreneur for a meeting and must say that the staff, (who I believe are also the owners), were very hospitable! I do know it is Black owned and that they cater to vegan diets as well. If you are not a coffee drinker they have a wide selection of teas and a fruit smoothie that ROCKS!

Grounds Coffee House

Grounds Coffee House