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It always feels good when you are acknowledged. I was blown away when I stumbled on this little post from May2 2011 on the blog affiliated with Finder’s Keepers Fashions. The shop is nestled in Avondale Estates, a small suburb of Atlanta. I love popping into their store because they carry a wide variety of gently used items at gentle prices.

Love that is reciprocated grows that much more!

Inga O

Pre Birthday Shoe Saving

What: (#14)Luna Rosa Shoes in Natural

When: Friday, March 12st, 2011 for a Pre-Birthday dinner with Randy of This That and Thensome

Where:Buckhead Dinner 3073 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

With: Giorgio Fiorlini Shirt that I got from a Finders Keepers Bag sale,  dark washed jeans and Guess Collection clutch.

My guy, who is also my photographer when I twist his arm, got revenge and cut off my head.  Good help is so hard to find!

I like all of the different textures in these shoes.  I bought them at a boutique that went out of business.

As far as comfort goes they are not too bad either.

The Shoeperwoman challenge is on week 14 and I’m on my 14th pair saved. I have to pick up the pace or I’ll be donating and /or  throwing out the rest.

Inga O

My Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream Came!

I got a package from UPS today with my jar of Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream.  Interestingly enough,  I had just sent an email reminder yesterday because I purchased the product at the recent World Natural Hair Show despite her being sold out. She agreed to ship it to me and I completely trusted that she would.

This was not my first dealing with Jane Carter and I must say she is one of the nicest women! I was fortunate to have her cut and style my hair last year and she really left a positive impression. She did give me some samples of the Curl Defining Cream along with other samples back then but my hair soaks up so much product that I wanted to ensure that I had enough on hand.

I will do a post once I use it. Sometimes I am so lazy when it comes to doing my hair but I’m committed to doing it more regularly.

Here’s what Jane Carter has to say about the Curl Defining Cream:

Inga O

Fashionista + Resessionista = Swapnista!

What to Expect:

2:00 pm Check-in for SWAPNISTA DAY PARTY

Visit Pampering Lounge & Shop Vendor Suite. Enjoy speciality drinks and desserts.

2:30 pm Register for FashionSWAP

Bring clothing on hangers. At least 3 items- clothing, shoes, accessories & perfume. One item must be a dress or a skirt/top combination. We will inspect your items & reserve the right to refuse items not meeting our criteria. Please bring items that you would be proud to give to your best friend. 

Swap bucks awarded based on the following chart:

Economy Brands- (Target, Kmart, Walmart)= 1 swap buck

Mid-Level Brands- (Department Stores & Mall Brands)= 2 swap bucks

Designer Brands- (Coach, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole)= 3 swap bucks

Items placed in FashionSwap Boutique & priced using same chart.

3:15 pm Fashion Show “Best Dress”

Walk the runway to compete for prizes and title of “Best Dress.” 

3:30 pm FashionSWAP Boutique is OPEN

Round 1: Use swap bucks to shop for fashion. 

Round 2: Fill your shopping bag to the brim.

There will be community fitting room…so wear your pretty undies!!!

4:15pm Fashion Show “Best Swap Style”

Walk the runway in your swap finds to compete for prizes and title of “Best Swap Style.”

For more details click here or on Facebook.

Recycle Wednesday (When I Remember)

I missed the recycle truck this morning. I THOUGHT I got up early enough but they have come as early as 8:30am and as late as 10am. Alas, this morning they zoomed by at 8:30am sharp. Oh well, there is always next week. I can hear you saying, “Why don’t you put the recycling out the night before?” I tried that a couple of times but once I had an entire bag of recycling go missing it put a halt to that system. I rather take my chances with missing them early in the mornings than someone or something stealing my recyclables.

This week I will start Recycle Wednesdays. This is were I post interesting facts and tidbits about ways we can all reduce our consumption and reuse or recycle. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. No time like the present, right?

This week I want to share the fact that Nike has a  program called “Reuse-A-Shoe” They take old and unwearable donated sneakers and separate the shoes to create tennis courts and the springy surface of running tracks. This is good but it gets better! Nike will offer you 10% off a new pair of sneakers when you recycle an old pair between April 15th and the end of May. I wish I didn’t throw away my old pair of Nike Shocks, i would have felt better than I did sending them to the land fill.

Nike Shoe Recycling. The upper, middle & sole have to be separated and sanitized before recycling.

Doing good has it’s rewards.

Inga O

Thanks to Do Your Part for info in part of this story

World Natural Hair Show Audition Outfit & BIG Hair

What: (#13) American Eagle Outfitters Hot Pink Wedges

When: Tuesday, April 12st, 2011

Where: The World Natural Hair Show Audition at the Courtyard Marriott in College Park GA

With: Borrowed jean capris (I’m not sure if that is what you’d call them) with a built in cuff. White Tru Kings T-Shirt (my cousin’s Canadian record label) and black The Works Saks Fifth Avenue Jacket.

Wedges are usually comfy and sexy at the same time and these are no exception. They were the perfect shoes to wear to the audition because I really didn’t think I would have to do the “runway walk” but I did.

I had to take a picture of this bag. I just love it and if you notice that the colour matched my gel nail manicure to a tee. Back to the bag. I got it on super sale for $98 at Macy’s with an original price of $300 plus. Score!

Here is another angle of the wedges. I really don’t wear them that much despite liking them a lot. I guess deep down I don’t want to ruin the suede.  Suede can be so unforgiving.

So,  as you can see my hair was really big for the audition. I like my Super Sized hair despite my guy not liking it. He’s still dreaming of my bone straight days. I really think my big hair sealed the deal and got me the call back. I’ll be posting more behind the scene pictures from the show soon.

Save 13. Another Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge inspired post!

Inga O