About Inga O

Internationally minded. Lover of people and hugger of children. Inga O xox

If I had to sum up my essence in 3 facts, that would be it. Instead I decided to act on the inspiration I received from reading No More Than 150’s blog About Page. I can be extremely wordy ( I’ve always had a thing for the English language and try HARD to use a variety of vocabulary words).

So let’s just start now (The counter says I’m at 83 words):

I have mastered the greeting that includes all of who I am. “Hi reader, I’m Inga O, I was born in Canada  but my family is from Trinidad and I now live in Atlanta.” This sentence developed to include the diversity that lies within and to explain my International focus. I was born to travel. I prefer air travel over ground, unless its a road trip with a close friend so we can pass the time deep in conversation. I am good at listening to others and extracting key points to help getting the message across. I love people and their unique take on the world.

Recycling is my obsession so I am always trying to figure out how to reuse and repurpose items. It got me in trouble when I was in elementary school but now I am praised for reducing my Carbon Footprint.

As I embrace the diverse peoples of the world I find I am more accepting of myself; flaws and all.

Inga O ♥

(Final word count: 165: 248-83)

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